Michael Fritz Bräutigam

Without him there would be no EmiLu.

Michael Bräutigam brought the project to life in 2014. Because he has had many years of experience in real estate, he came to the realization that downtown Stuttgart needed a hotel with unique design and high-quality furniture.

Because he knows the city and its design and developments so well, EmiLu is located in a spot that has experienced many positive changes over the last few years. This area shows the pulsating and vibrant heart of Stuttgart.

Time and again, thanks to his honesty and incredible energy, Michael is able to inspire and instill his ideas upon others and make the impossible possible.

Our entire team is proud of what he has accomplished!

P.S.: Did you know that our breakfast restaurant Fritz is named after him? We chose to name it after him because he is the breakfast chef in the Bräutigam household.