Petra Luise Bräutigam

Every week I will introduce a member of our EmiLu team.

Who better to start with than Petra Luise Bräutigam? Petra, who’s name partly encompasses that of the hotel’s, played a big part in the interior architecture and design of EmiLu.

Nobody put as much blood, sweat, and tears into this project as her. Petra and her husband Michael have worked on this project since 2014; it is very close to their hearts. Her inimitable taste for colors, fabric, and materials played a vital role in creating a comfortable atmosphere and sense of well-being at EmiLu. Every room has a unique design. In planning out the rooms, Petra didn’t shy away from utilizing bright colors. It really has that special something.

When I asked, “what does design mean to you?”, she replied, “to me, design lies in creating rooms in a tasteful and subtle way. I like to combine both modern and classic styles without forgetting to include a certain functionality. Design is disruption, surprise, and unexpectedness.” Hearing those words has inspired all of us here at EmiLu.